Charity Work

Here at Endeavor Discos we love the idea of giving something back to our local communities. So we decided to do this by supporting local charities with our services free of charge. As you can appreciate although we would love to be able to support all charities this is not possible so we decided to limit it down to two free places  and one to be organised by Endeavor Discos each year.


Over the years this service has been a huge success and every year all our places are taken up very quickly. Here at Endeavor Discos we feel it is also important to make sure that the charity places go to a worthy cause so we do not work on a first come first serve basis. Instead I look at each application myself and decide which charity receives our free places.

If you are one of the charities not lucky enough to be selected by us don`t worry as we can still do you some great discounted rates to help support your charity.

So if you are planning any charity events next year please don`t hesitate to get in touch as we open our places in September so don`t delay in getting in touch as these will be reviewed and released ASAP. 

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